Makeup revolution strobe highlighter swatches

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Highlighter gives the skin radiance, making it more fresh and rested, and also allows you to contour the face. The basic rule of contouring sounds like this: all that you need to hide, – darken everything you want to emphasize, – lighten it. It is for the latter that a high-tech is needed: it is used to highlight the areas of the face that you want to emphasize, and also to distract attention from the problem areas.

Heiliter – a tool in the use of which it is worth taking into account a lot of nuances. Texture, shade, application method – all these factors are important, so you should tell about each stage in more detail.

When you choose how to apply the highlighter, be guided by its texture and personal preferences.

A liquid and cream highlighter is most conveniently applied with fingers, a sponge or a brush made of synthetic pile. You can use a brush to apply a tonal base or for a concealer (for more details on different types of brushes, see our guide).
Dry heylaters are conveniently applied with a large fluffy or fan brush with a thin layer. Or use a brush for blush.

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