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Friable powder to this day are gaining more and more popularity. Superbalanced Powder Makeup is a powder, a compact sample that can turn into friable with one stroke.

The powder is based on a unique intellectual technology, it is able to control the skin hydration and the production of sebum. It contains moisturizing ingredients, including Murumura oil, phytosqualene, providing proper moisturizing and a feeling of comfort. Special minerals, which are also contained in the powder, eliminate the appearance of greasy luster, providing opacity. The presence of the SPF 15 filter helps ensure that the skin becomes protected from long and short ultraviolet sun rays. Thanks to the special dispenser that comes with the powder, it can turn from crushed to friable. Antibacterial brush, which is also included in the kit, will help to maintain hygienic conditions even if you are on the road.

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